Friday, November 19, 2010

Proposal could improve data on sexual assaults

By Hallie Gebel

The rise in the number of sexual assaults is causing alarm on college campuses. With several proposed revisions to a 20-year-old law, there could be an improvement in the underreporting of sexual assault.

LGBT affects housing at Ohio University

By Robert Faris

Colleges and Universities are places where most young people yearn to go as they finish their secondary school careers. However, not all future college students are as excited as their peers, and for some it's even a time of stress and fear. For lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students this is especially true, and for these students, living in the dorms can be one of the biggest challenges they face.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Students campaign to end binge drinking

By Kendra Wagoner

Ohio University's ad club came up with a unique drinking campaign called "College You Don't Want to Miss This" that promotes not drinking too much instead of abstaining from drinking because it is more practical for a college campus. I wanted to find out what students at Ohio University really thought about this campaign and if it is effective.

PETA competition may boost college enrollment

By Aja Goare

Students at Ohio University say that they were more inclined to attend because of the school's notoriety for a strong meatless cuisine. A head OU chef describes the measures taken to achieve a strong relationship with specific students interested in the on-the-rise diet.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Students generate power through exercise

By Kate Irby

The green movement seems to be taking over many of our everyday choices. Now, it's invading your exercise too.

New OU club 'gaga' about their organization

By Lincoln Sklar

The OU Little Monsters are changing the face of service groups on the Athens campus. By using the name of Lady Gaga, their inspiration, they are working hard to help the community be accepting of all people.

Mixed martial arts fighters argue for sport

By Bradley W. Parks

Mixed Martial Arts has become a global phenomenon. Fighters from all around the globe have taken their unique fighting styles, combined them, and pitted them against each other to create one of the most dynamic art forms on Earth. However, now with the National Football League looking into the head injuries surrounding big hits, MMA--a sport focused on big hits--could soon be fighting to stay alive.