Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shaplen to work with JFreshmen Newsroom

The man who was once news assistant to Walter Cronkite will be working with Ohio University first year journalism students taking part in the experimental "JFreshmen Newsroom."

Freelance producer Peter Shaplen, along with JSchool Prof. Bob Stewart, will work with students in the special section of JOUR101 who will create online content about the topic of their first course: Journalism & Society. Their target audience will be the other 200-plus freshmen enrolled in the JSchool, and anyone else interested in the changes going on in the media sector for that matter.

In the following clips from a Skype interview with Prof. Stewart, Shaplen discusses his role in the project.

Shaplen, a working journalist currently based in California, will work with OU students via Skype, regular telephone, email, and any other technology deemed suitable for collaborative work.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Boesch runs media for Copperheads baseball

Allie LaForce selected as Nike Correspondent

In this interview, third-year journalism student Allie LaForce describes how she was selected by Nike to be one of their correspondents.